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    They may or may not work properly, if at all, in previous versions of Excel. Formula = Arr(Rw) Rw = Rw - 1 Next C End Macro: Application. Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic Application.

    A frequent question people have is "Can I run a macro from a cell function? Count Then Msg Box "You May Not Select An Entire Row", vb Exclamation, _ "Flip Selection" Exit Sub End If If Rng.

    I want to search through existing Excel files with a macro, but I don't want to display those files when they're opened by the code. Visible = False 'Visible is False by default, so this isn't necessary Dim book As Excel. Borrowing the connection string from a project I've used it on, it will look kinda like this: Note that "Registration List" is the name of the tab in the workbook. If you don't the user might not be able to open excel files by double clicking or launching from other apps unless they logoff or know how to kill processes (because the files get opened in the invisible window). Screen Updating = True End Sub Private Sub Workbook_Before Close(Cancel As Boolean) w. Saved = True 'this will suppress the safe prompt for the data file only End Sub This is somewhat derivative of the answer posted by Ashok.

    Is there a way to have them open "in the background", so to speak? There are a few tutorials floating around on the web with the particulars of what you can and can't do accessing a sheet this way. :) @Shawn Zhang Most of the Excel files we've been reading have been exported in the 2000/2003 format since that's what the sender's program emits. Dim w As Workbooks Private Sub Workbook_Open() Application. Open Filename:="\server\Price List.xlsx", Update Links:=False, Read Only:=True 'this is the data file were going to be opening Active Window. By doing it this way though you will not get prompted to save changes back to the Excel file your reading from.

    Hidden = True'This code is repeated several times, but in order to make this easier to read, I left out most of 'em Range("A39: A81").

    screenupdating excel c-36screenupdating excel c-43screenupdating excel c-40

    Go To What:=wd Go To Line, Which:=wd Go To Absolute, Count:=1 Sheets("Zakelijke Offerte1").

    Protect _ Contents:=True, _ Allow Filtering:=True, _ User Interface Only:=True, _ Password:=str Pwd End With End Sub By default, when you turn on an Auto Filter, dates are grouped in the drop down list. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Show Arrows() Dim c As Range Dim i As Integer i = Cells(1, 1).

    This code toggles the date grouping setting -- if the grouping is on, it turns it off, and if grouping is off, the code turns it on. Screen Updating = False For Each c In Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(1, i)) If c. Screen Updating = False For Each c In Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(1, i)) Select Case c.

    Activate End Sub The error only comes up on lines like "wd App. Again, I'd be eternally gratefull to the one who manages to solve this! Screen Updating = False Dim wd As Object Set wd App = Create Object("Word.

    However, sometimes the error doesn't come up at all, and sometimes it comes up on a different paste-command. Unending gratitude to the one who can crack this :)Kind regards, Josh Williams As I feared, the error is back. Sometimes VBA gives me an error that only gives me the options 'Yes' or 'Help' and doesn't give me any information about the error at all.

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